Our capabilities

The Paradigms Inc. is a custom software developer also offering cyber security solutions including asset identification and protection. We have expertise in the development of Web applications including phone apps for both iOS and Android. Our PMP certified personnel manage IT Projects of different sizes. Our current projects involves working with the Internal Revenue Service and the FMCSA

Software Development

1. Involving client in all stages of the development cycle.

2. Predefined methodologies and frameworks.

3. Structured and managed requirements definition phase.

4. Tools to improve development effectiveness.

5. High focus on quality.

6. Predefined processes for program and project management.

7. Seamless communication and collaboration processes.

Software Development

Software Testing

Paradigms offers a full range of testing services: smoke, functional, integration, regression, 508 compliance, performance, mobile, interface, exception, user acceptance testing etc. Paradigms offers extensive services to create test automation using major tools (e.g. SoapUI, TestComplete, Cucumber, Selenium, JUnit, NUnit).

Mobile Apps Develpment (iOS, Android)

For mobile applications, we offer development services to create native apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry with disconnected operation; browser based apps using HTML5 and CSS, and we wrap browser based apps into hybrid mobile apps. We have supported a full range of native code development (e.g., Xcode and Swift for iOS, Java for Android) to cross platform development. We also have deep experience with software assurance and mobile application vetting.


The Paradigms emphasizes security from the ground up when constructing software and systems, rather than relying solely on post-development code to catch exploitations. Our software developers are trained to apply secure coding techniques and requiring peer inspection of code for software assurance. Incorporating multi-dimensional code analysis for vulnerabilities and weaknesses as part of our Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment pipelines. Paradigms team implements Identity, Credential And Access Management (ICAM) including two-factor authentication and single-sign on across mobile and web-based applications.

IT Project Management

Manage requirements, plan releases, track progress, collaborate with teams and measure results. Create milestones for projects and divide each milestone into smaller tasks. Identify dependencies and risks and manage resources and costs to stay within the budget.

Cloud Computing

The extensive knowledge from our in-house use of the infrastructure and technologies above gives The Paradigms an unusually deep understanding of how to architect and implement cloud deployments for our customers who want to reduce the headaches of operating hybrid clouds. For production environments, our staff is experienced in architecting deployments to SharePoint Online in Office 365 as well as Azure and Amazon Web Services. We apply carefully vetted methodologies to plan enterprise services cloud migrations of on-premises server decommissioning in carefully executed waves that ensure uninterrupted service to enterprise users. Paradigms provides secure cloud solutions to Federal customers using the Amazon AWS cloud including GovCloud. Services include designing the cloud solution, ensuring it is properly secured, developing solutions to run on the cloud, deploying and maintaining the solutions. Strict security compliance at all levels is available using AWS. Cloud solutions can be private cloud, public cloud for solutions such as public facing websites or a hybrid solution connecting your internal systems to AWS.