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Welcome to the most simple, affordable online tax filing service provider for your HVUT (Heavy Vehicle Usage Tax) on the web!


Our IRS approved product helps you to file form 2290 for Heavy Vehicle User Tax (HVUT) with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and obtain your Schedule 1.


Our FMCSA (Department of Transportation) listed Electronic Logging Device is an affordable ELD solution for fleets and owner operators to report and comply with HOS requirements.


Simple2290 makes filing your taxes more simple than ever before.

IRS 2290 schedule 1

IRS needs two copies of schedule 1. This needs to be duly filled and submitted to the IRS along with the filled in copy of the Form 2290. The IRS will stamp one copy and return to you for use as proof of payment when registering vehicle(s) with a state.

IRS 2290 VIN corrections

VIN is Vehicle Identification Number. It is a 17 digit number allotted to individual vehicles. They are used to uniquely identify motor vehicles. IRS provides an option in Form 2290 to correct any mistakes done in the VIN in the previous filings.

IRS 2290 Amendments

Any change done to a previously filed return and filed again is called as an amended return. Form 2290 has a check box that needs to be selected, if the user wish to file an amended return.

Form 8849 schedule 6

Any refund for the vehicles that was either sold/ destroyed or stolen, used less than the mileage use limit or tax overpaid can be claimed using Form 8849 with duly filled return.


The Simple E-Log solution is designed so drivers and motor carriers can stay in compliance with FMCSA regulations and that drivers can use our system as their sole means of recording HOS information and ensuring compliance.

We Believe in Our Product

We provide a portable and mobile solution that is certified and registered with the FMCSA, fully meeting its technical specifications. Our ELD meets all FMCSA mandated requirements, with future releases to include additional features. We believe in supporting independent owner operators and driver safety- we'll never include technology that will block your starter, cut off your fuel lines, or include any sort of kill switch on our devices.

We're Affordable for Your Budget

-Simple E-Log believes in providing the highest quality solution to our valued customers for the right price. We'll never lock you into a contract - choose exactly what you need, with flexible subscription plans starting as low as $19/month. We'll never charge you fees for installation, setup or cancellation. We believe in taking care of those who have served our country- see our Pricing page for details on our Veterans Discount.

Our product synchronizes with your vehicle engine to automatically record driving time for easier and more accurate hours of service (HOS) recording. Our software includes provisions to block data tampering, to aid in the prevention of driver harassment.

-Our Simple E-Log app for iOS and Android devices includes standard data displays and data transfer processes, making it easier to demonstrate compliance and faster to share RODS with safety officials.